Amobi OkugoPersonal Financial PlaybookGo Daddy interviewed professional soccer player Amobi Okugo about his goal to develop financial intelligence on a global scale.Amobi OkugoTeam FrugalEvery Tuesday, Amobi Okugo shares profiles of athletes, such as Derrick Rose, who exemplify what it means to be A Frugal Athlete.Amobi OkugoMoney Talks with Jonathan Perrin: Episode 1A Frugal Athlete's newest segment: professional baseball player and certified financial advisor Jonathan Perrin on the latest from the financial sector.Amobi OkugoCompounding Knowledge with Koko ArchibongThe Frugal Athlete talks with former NBA player turned financial advisor about how to be money-wise and generate wealth for the future.Amobi OkugoSide Hustles For AthletesFrugal Athlete shares Hines World, a new YouTube show chronicling the life of professional basketball player, Kyle Hines. Amobi OkugoFrugal and CreativeThe Undefeated on soccer pro Amobi Okugo and how he turned his frugal tendencies into the website, A Frugal Athlete — a treasure trove of tips on how to play sports and not go brokeAmobi OkugoMidfielder’s MindsetHashtags Sports talks to MLS vet Amobi Okugo, who is helping athletes tackle financial literacy through A Frugal AthleteAmobi OkugoSamantha Johnson: The Financial Life of a Professional Soccer Player in the NWSLThe Chicago Red Stars player talks about how a brand opens entrepreneurial doors, which is exactly where she's headed.Amobi OkugoNat Borchers: Every Pro Needs FlowThe retired professional soccer player talks to Frugal Athlete about staying away from money alligators and enabling the flow.Amobi OkugoFrom Offense to DefenseForbes: Okugo is in many ways is the best example of the larger majority of professional athletes ; a steady rank-and-file player that doesn’t consume the spotlight. While he isn't a super star, his position makes his website all the more powerful.Amobi OkugoColin Zizzi: Insights on InvestingColin Zizzi, a former professional soccer player who currently works as a financial advisor, shares his insights with Frugal Athlete.Amobi OkugoAnthony Tolliver: Perspectives From An NBA VeteranDetroit Piston player known for his solid defense on the court and as a serial entrepreneur off, Tolliver talks about real estate investments and passive income with Frugal Athlete.BFWDMLS Player Okugo Has a Side HustleAmobi Okugo's site combines financial advice, media analysis and consumer-friendly news-you-can-useAmobi OkugoJames Nunnally: Perspectives from OverseasCurrently playing for Fenerbache in Turkey, James Nunnally talks to Frugal Athlete shares his financial playbook for playing overseas.

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