Stephanie MartinChanging the Game for Athletes Pursuing the Business Side of SportFor athletes interested in off-the-field pursuits, we know that Hashtag Sports is a source of inspiration and community building, but the conference also could be overwhelming to those new to such events. With this in mind, we worked with athlete brand consultancy BrandForward to provide a curated and customized program that could prepare and guideBlaine ScullyA Fond FarewellAs Scully moves onto his next challenge, he shared his heartfelt thanks with the Cardiff Blues family and fans, and Cardiff shared their gratitude in return.BFWDIntroducing Athlete x BrandThe summit for the next generation athlete brands. October 4 at Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach.BFWDBuilding Brand on TourThe podcast Birdiecast brings the tour to life, hosted by professional golfers Maia Schechter and Leslie Cloots. BFWDLinkedIn: Virtual Business CardBy creating an active LinkedIn profile, athletes have the opportunity to not only morph their profile into not only a virtual business card, but ultimately,  a real destination that drives their personal brand.BFWDGetting In the Networking GameOne of the most important building blocks of personal brand is learning how to network effectively. BFWD shares how athletes can get the most out of networking, in particular at event appearances.Anya AlvarezWomen Changing the GameMajor League Girls founder, Anya Alvarez, met with several women in the sports industry on her trip to California. Here, she recounts her experiences and how it reinforced her belief that #TheFutureofSportsisGirlsBFWDHow Do You Know If You’re a Brand?Unconventional, people-first brand evolutionary and author “Primal Branding,” Pat Hanlon talks using your personal brand to elevate your current career, change careers, or just build a different life.  BFWDWelcome to BrandForwardWelcome to BrandForward, where we help current and retired professional athletes develop their unique personal brands.

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